About Graduate Investor

Welcome to Graduate Investor

Graduate Investor is a website created to share and inform professionals, graduates, and students with the experiences and knowledge that I have gained while attaining financial independence and the pursuit of understanding life.


I call myself the Graduate Investor — mainly because I’m a graduate, and investing is one of my key areas of focus in order to have a more fulfilling life. That isn’t to alienate people who aren’t graduates or who aren’t investors, but merely to give a direction and focus to this website. I want anyone to be able to benefit, contribute, and learn from the writings that I share through this website. I am an entrepreneur in the IT field, and enjoy my work, writing, weightlifting, and hanging out with friends. I like electronic music and a drink with good company. My plan is to retire at age 36. I love my work and enjoy doing what I do, and my goal is to attain financial independence for reasons of security.


While I do not have the answers to everything, it is my hope that whatever that I have gone through and learnt, can be of use to the readers of this website. Broadly, these are the questions that I hope to help you understand and gain a better understanding from:
  • How to have a better knowledge of personal finance: budgeting, savings, income, investments, and protection
  • How to evaluate investments and manage your investments’ risk and rewards to grow your investment portfolio
  • How to better understand life and increase your happiness and fulfillment
  • How to manage your time and lifestyle better


Broadly speaking, the site is about gaining the freedom to do what you want, by having a healthy body, and having financial independence. Here’s a little discussion on the themes:
  • Wealth some have more of financial wealth, and some have less, but most people have to agree that while wealth can buy you some nice things, it can’t buy meaning. Beyond taking care of everyday necessities, more wealth than that starts to lose the ability to make you happy. We’ll share and talk about ways of growing and preserving wealth, and having enough in order to have financial independence.
  • Happiness – what truly makes you happy? Nobody can answer that except yourself. Most of the readers here are fortunate enough in life to be in a position to pursue happiness. Many have found that helping others, making positive contributions, and leaving legacies give us happiness and fulfilment. We will discuss methods that will help you identify and focus on increasing happiness in your life.